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Life online

Buying online has become part of our everyday lives but can feel cold and impersonal.  How can prospective customers get more from their buying experience?  Is customer service a thing of the past? Is everyone happy to 'Buy off the shelf' or is there still a place for personal service and bespoke products? 

For me, I like to search for something original or upcycle things to make them my own - I really don't want my house or wardrobe to be a high street clone of everyone else's.  This is reflected in my designs and products.  No two are ever the same.  I don't have a regular leather supplier - I prefer to search for individual vintage hides.  I've had some beauties.  A fabulous matt green made some amazing journals and sold out quickly.  It's unlikely I'll ever find anything in a similar colour - it was a lucky purchase while visiting family in Spain.  I'm heading off to Spain soon and intend to source some more amazing vintage leather to craft into some lovely books, journals or artist cases.

Part of my day is liaising with potential clients to provide them with exactly what they want for themselves, a gift or a special occasion - a truly bespoke service.  I do have ready to go items and find time for a bit of fun and make some quirky, arty things too.

I'm aiming to make my new website friendly and welcoming but am going to have to learn how to bend the templates and menus to dilute their conformity! (Is that a word?!?)


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